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  • How to select tractor configuration
    Once you have mastered the key configuration of the tractor, you can buy a tractor that is satisfactory according to your actual needs. Let's introduce it below: 1. Engine horsepower, choice of engine manufacturer. According to the job you want to carry out, choose the right horsepower. A high-horse
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  • Tractor type
    Tractors are divided into the following categories:  1.Walking tractor 2.Wheeled tractor3.Crawler tractor
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  • Common sense of wheeled tractor operation
    Common sense of wheeled tractor operation1. It is forbidden to lift the clutch suddenly at the start. The clutch pedal should be loosened slowly, and the accelerator should be increased appropriately. Otherwise, the clutch assembly and transmission parts will be impacted or even damaged. The seconda
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  • How to classify tractors, and the knowledge of agricultural tractors!
    A tractor is a common vehicle in our lives, mainly a self-propelled power machine used to pull and drive working machinery to complete various mobile operations. Tractors are generally used in agriculture. Of course, there are also industrial and special-purpose tractors. How to classify tractors sp
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  • How to use large and medium tractors
    During the use of the tractor, due to factors such as looseness, wear, deformation, fatigue, corrosion, etc., the working ability will gradually decrease or be lost, and the technical state of the whole machine will be abnormal. In addition, the working medium such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, cool
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  • The intelligentization of agricultural machinery is bringing about the "agricultural revolution"
    China's single-cylinder diesel tractor is a mystery. In fact, this is just a statement of the “people who don’t know the truth” on the Internet, because some people may not have been in touch with tractors. Seeing some tattered diesel exhaust pipes in some small videos is burning red and still worki
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  • Brake adjustment of small four-wheel tractor
    (1) Adjustment of brake shoe and brake drum clearance. The brake band riveted on the brake shoe block has an external circle eccentricity due to long-term work, and the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum is increased, so that the braking torque generated during operation is correspondingl
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