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How to select tractor configuration

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Once you have mastered the key configuration of the tractor, you can buy a tractor that is satisfactory according to your actual needs. Let's introduce it below:


1. Engine horsepower, choice of engine manufacturer. According to the job you want to carry out, choose the right horsepower. A high-horsepower tractor is good. It works fast and does a lot of work, but it may pull the trolley with high horsepower; if you choose a small one, you may not be able to pull it during operation. After selecting the horsepower, you should choose an engine manufacturer. It is recommended to choose a big brand engine manufacturer, such as Yuchai, Weichai, Dongfanghong, etc.


2.The choice of tractor manufacturer. There are too many small-brand manufacturers now. There are dozens of tractor manufacturers in Shandong, China. Which one do you believe? It is recommended to choose some big brand manufacturers, whether the products, after-sales, and accessories are basically satisfactory, such as YTO, Lovol, Deere and so on.


3. Choice of large and small chassis. Nowadays, there are many high-horsepower tractors with small chassis. Even the same brand, the same horsepower tractor has multiple versions of chassis, and the price varies greatly. Take a 150hp tractor as an example. The 150hp weight of the small chassis is more than 4 tons, the medium chassis is more than 5 tons, and the large chassis is more than 6 tons. How can a chassis of more than 4 tons be compared with a chassis of more than 6 tons? How does the chassis compare? If you want to do heavy-duty work such as deep loosening and plowing, you must choose a tractor with a large chassis; if you only do some light-load operations such as rotary tillage, you can choose a tractor with a small chassis. The most effective way to distinguish large and small chassis tractors is to look at the weight of the tractor.


4.Choice of four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive. Nowadays, there are many four-wheel drive tractors, and four-wheel drive vehicles have high traction and are suitable for heavy-duty operations such as plowing and deep loosening, but their fuel consumption will be higher. Two-wheel drive vehicles are more fuel-efficient, lighter, and easier to turn around. Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive should be selected according to local operating requirements and habits.

5. The choice of tire model and manufacturer. If there are more paddy field operations, it is recommended to use high-fancy tires. Of course, you can also choose the corresponding big tires according to your needs, which will improve the compaction and maneuverability of the soil to a certain extent.


6. The choice of the cab. The comfort of current tractors has been greatly improved. Many tractors are equipped with luxurious cabs, which can be equipped with air conditioners, fans, etc., which are well sealed and dustproof, and can be selected according to actual needs.


7. Selection of hydraulic system. If the local soil is relatively hard and it is not easy to enter the soil during operation, it is recommended to choose a strong pressure lifter. If you want to support hydraulic flip plows, dump trailers, etc., you must choose a tractor with a multi-way valve.


8.The choice of counterweight. If the tractor needs to carry out heavy-duty traction operations, such as plowing, it is recommended to choose the one with front and rear counterweights, and add the most importantly, otherwise the tractor traction will not be exerted, and the tractor traction and weight are positively related.


9.The choice of air brake (stop air brake and pneumatic brake) and suspension. If the tractor needs to be transported, it is necessary to choose a tractor with an air brake device. The air brake device is divided into two types: cut-off brake and pneumatic brake. Different braking methods should be equipped with different trailers.


10. The choice of gearbox. If you want to do low-speed operations such as ditching, you should choose the crawl gear. If you want to operate more conveniently, choose the shuttle gear.


11. Selection of PTO shaft speed. Generally choose 540/760 power output, you can also choose 1000 rpm power output according to the actual situation.


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