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The intelligentization of agricultural machinery is bringing about the "agricultural revolution"

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In the field of agricultural machinery, intelligent technology is making earth-shaking changes in agricultural machinery from form to function. Unmanned aerial vehicles, automatic rice transplanters, and agricultural machinery operation refined management platforms, etc., include both single intelligent agricultural machinery products and agricultural intelligent systems and platforms. . As intelligent technology affects agricultural machinery and agriculture in a variety of ways, a brand-new "agricultural revolution" is being set off.

  Smart farm machinery shows its talents

  A few days ago, some media reported that my country's domestic rice direct seeding machine has entered the ranks of intelligent. It is reported that the mechanization of rice planting is the weakest link in the entire mechanization of rice production, and its research is also a dynamic focus of the agricultural science and technology community. The planting mechanization team of the Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of the Ministry of Agriculture made full use of the existing technological precipitation and successfully developed the first 33-row large-scale intelligent pneumatically assembled rice direct seeding machine in China, and tested it at the fourth airport of Linhai Farm in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. . It is reported that the project was completed under the special funding of the Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The successful development of this equipment fills the gap in domestic large-scale intelligent direct-seeding rice technology. According to the data, the equipment adopts a folding frame, the working width is 8 meters, the working speed can reach 10 kilometers/hour, and the working efficiency is 75 mu/hour to 100 mu/hour. The seeding operation can be completed by only one operator. It can adapt to the operation requirements of large-scale farms and other large-scale planting entities.

  It is not just the mechanization of rice planting, this year, tractors used in large quantities in agricultural production have also become intelligent carriers. It is reported that in Shandong and other places, tractors are equipped with Beidou navigation system to realize automatic adjustment and automatic driving of tractors. When Beidou navigation system is applied to agricultural machinery, its straightness error is ±2.5cm per 100 meters, which is better than GPS (global Positioning system) is more accurate. The Beidou navigation agricultural machinery application system is suitable for soil preparation, ditching, ridging, sowing, transplanting, fertilizing, and harvesting.

  In addition, intelligent tentacles have also been extended to the common plant grafts in agricultural production. It is reported that my country is the largest facility cultivation country in the world, and agriculture has an urgent need for mechanized grafting, especially the development of protected vegetable cultivation and plastic greenhouses with Chinese characteristics represented by solar greenhouses. Real demand stimulates the rapid development of science and technology. According to the data, China Agricultural University has carried out research work on automated grafting technology earlier in my country. It has successively developed the automatic insertion method and the automatic peeling method to fill the gaps in my country’s automated grafting technology and form an automated grafting with my country’s independent intellectual property rights. technology. For example, using sensors and computer image processing technology to realize automatic identification and judgment of the direction of grafted seedling cotyledons. The grafting robot can complete the automatic operations of grafting processes such as fetching, cutting, joining, fixing, and discharging seedlings of the rootstock and earstock. The operator only needs to put the rootstock and earstock on the corresponding seedling table, and the rest of the grafting operations are It can be done automatically by a machine, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

  Intelligent agricultural innovation is endless

  In addition to the intelligentization of individual agricultural machinery products, "smart + agriculture" is forming an agricultural intelligent system and ecology. For example, in Lingwu City, Ningxia, in order to accelerate the development of modern agriculture and adapt to the target requirements of the development of agricultural mechanization under the new situation, in 2016, the city's agricultural mechanization extension service center assembled the Beidou agricultural machinery operation refined management platform in 7 agricultural machinery cooperatives. According to the data, the main functions of the system include Beidou positioning, real-time acre measurement, agricultural machinery operation monitoring, area statistical analysis, operating area and quality verification, agricultural machinery scheduling, etc. The application of the system can timely and intuitively grasp the distribution of agricultural machinery in the demonstration area, effectively monitor the quality and status of agricultural machinery operations, and the operating conditions of agricultural machinery, take timely and effective response measures to emergencies, and implement precise scheduling before and after critical agricultural hours or natural disasters. Focus on rushing to harvest and rush to increase the efficiency of agricultural machinery operation and land utilization, and effectively solve the problem of shortage of rural labor.

  In fact, whether it is intelligent agriculture or agricultural machinery intelligence, a powerful support system needs to be built behind it. It is precisely in terms of system and ecological construction that more and more companies and capital have been attracted to participate. News reports show that on March 10 this year, at the National Agricultural Machinery and Parts Exhibition, the first batch of 200 AGlink smart devices of "e Field Technology" were delivered to the harvester users of domestic agricultural machinery giant Lovol Heavy Industries. It is understood that the intelligent equipment is tailor-made for harvesting machinery by the "etian technology" company. By installing this equipment on the harvester, the farmer can not only realize automatic diagnosis and early warning of agricultural machinery failures, and real-time monitoring of the working area and harvesting situation, but also It can be connected to the service command system of the agricultural machinery manufacturer through the smartphone APP application, so that the after-sales service system can view the location of the agricultural machinery in real time, realize the dispatch and management of the service vehicle, and ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the service. In addition, the big data analysis platform of "e Tian Technology" can also comprehensively analyze and analyze the relevant operation data of agricultural machinery, which can provide agricultural machinery manufacturers and government departments with timely agricultural operation progress and cross-regional operation trends across the country. Scientific and effective organization provides accurate big data support. (From: China Agricultural Mechanization Network)

  In Yunnan, the innovation direction of "Internet + modern agriculture" is connecting dots and lines, connecting areas and systems, and further creating a new ecology of intelligent agriculture.

  Combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy

  The continuous acceleration of the intelligentization of agricultural machinery will surely bring about a major change in the overall ecology of agriculture. It is reported that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other relevant departments listed "smart agricultural machinery and equipment" as a priority scientific research project, involving 49 projects in 11 support directions for agricultural machinery, and the support funds are expected to reach 2 billion yuan. The first batch of launches in 2016 included basic research tasks for agricultural machinery operation information perception and fine production control applications, research and development tasks for intelligent agricultural power machinery, research and development tasks for efficient and intelligent harvesting technology and equipment for food crops, research and development tasks for high-efficiency harvesting and intelligent control technology and equipment for economic crops, etc.4 19 projects in each direction. The intelligentization of agricultural machinery is advancing vigorously.

  However, agricultural machinery is becoming more and more intelligent, and agricultural production is increasingly relying on intelligent machinery and intelligent systems. Controversies have begun to arise where agriculture is heading. There is a point of view that with the intelligentization of agricultural machinery and agricultural production, the mud and sand will inevitably subvert traditional agricultural production. In addition to bringing economic benefits, traditional agronomy and the high-quality agricultural products cultivated by it will no longer exist. In fact, it is precisely the contradiction faced by intelligent agricultural machinery. At present, the intelligentization of agricultural machinery and agriculture is moving in the direction of improving economic benefits and reducing labor costs. However, as technology advances, the close integration of agricultural machinery + agronomy will be the ultimate direction of the intelligent "agricultural revolution".


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