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How to classify tractors, and the knowledge of agricultural tractors!

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A tractor is a common vehicle in our lives, mainly a self-propelled power machine used to pull and drive working machinery to complete various mobile operations. Tractors are generally used in agriculture. Of course, there are also industrial and special-purpose tractors. How to classify tractors specifically? What is the principle of a tractor? This article explains the complete knowledge of agricultural tractors for everyone.

Popularization of Agricultural Tools: Principles of Tractors

The driving ability depends on the power of the internal combustion engine through the transmission system, so that the driving wheel obtains the driving torque Mk, and the driving wheel obtains the driving torque to give the ground a small, backward horizontal force (tangent force) through the tire pattern and tire surface. The horizontal force Pk that has the same driving force and the opposite direction is applied. This Pk force is the driving force that pushes the tractor forward (also called the propulsion force). When the driving force Pk is sufficient to overcome the forward rolling resistance of the front and rear wheels and the traction resistance of the agricultural implements, the tractor will move forward. It can be seen that the driving of the wheeled tractor is realized by the interaction between the driving torque driving wheels and the ground, and the driving force is greater than the sum of rolling resistance and traction resistance.

Popularization of Agricultural Tools: Components of Tractors

The engine is a device for the tractor to generate power, and its function is to convert the thermal energy of the fuel into mechanical energy and output power to the outside. Most agricultural tractors produced in my country use diesel engines.

Chassis is the power transmission device of the tractor. Its function is to transfer the power of the engine to the driving wheels and the working device to make the tractor travel and complete the mobile operation or the fixed function.

Electrical equipment is a device that ensures the tractor uses electricity. Its role is to solve lighting, safety signals and engine starting.

Popularization of Agricultural Tools: Classification of Tractors

[Classification by purpose] Industrial tractors are mainly used for road construction, mining, water conservancy, petroleum and construction projects, and can also be used for basic farmland construction operations; forestry tractors: mainly used for harvesting in forest areas, that is, collecting felled wood And transported to forest farms; agricultural tractors: tractors are the main power machinery in agricultural mechanization production, which can be equipped with different working machinery to complete tillage, harrowing, sowing, harvesting, cultivating, irrigation and drainage, fertilization, spraying, agricultural and sideline product processing and ditching, Excavation, bulldozing and transportation operations.

[Classification by walking device] Crawler (also called chain track) tractor: The walking device of a crawler tractor is a crawler, which is mainly suitable for field work on heavy soil, wet land, farmland water conservancy, earthwork and other basic farmland construction work; Walking tractor: It has only one walking axle. For example, a one-wheel tractor with only one wheel on the axle is called a single-wheel tractor, and a two-wheel tractor with two wheels; a wheeled tractor: it has two walking axles, such as a three-wheel tractor with three wheels on the axle; A four-wheeled tractor is called a four-wheel tractor. What we usually call wheeled tractors are two-axle, three-wheeled and four-wheeled tractors.

[Classification of agricultural tractors] Ordinary tractors are mainly used for farmland mobile operations, fixed operations and transportation operations under general conditions; cultivating tractors are characterized by large tractor ground clearance (generally above 630 mm) and narrow tires; gardening Tractors are characterized by small size, flexibility, and low power, such as walking tractors and small four tractors; special tractors are suitable for operation in special working environments or tractors that meet certain special needs.

Popularization of Agricultural Tools: Choosing a Tractor

[Select models] There are three types of agricultural tractors: walking, wheeled and crawler tractors; according to the power, they can be divided into large, medium and small tractors. When buying a tractor, you must choose a model according to the type, amount of work, and work intensity of the surrounding farmers' main farmland operations. At the same time, it must be selected according to the specific conditions of other agricultural machinery operators.

[Calculation of economic accounts] It is not easy for farmers to accumulate some money. Buying tractors is often an investment behavior in order to make more money. Therefore, whether it is worth buying tractors, we must first measure their cost-performance ratio. The so-called tractor performance-price ratio refers to the ratio of the performance of the tractor to its price. A good tractor is a good tractor with good performance and low price.

[Selection, Inspection and Test Run] Check the appearance of the casing, castings, and tires, check the safety protection devices, whether the safety warning signs are complete, check whether the operating mechanism is reliable, check the engine oil height during the test run, add diesel fuel and cooling water, and stop. Check for water and oil leaks.

[Check random attachments, request invoices] Check and verify random attachments, certificates and documents, product qualification certificates, agricultural machinery promotion license stamps, "three guarantees" certificates (service cards), instructions for use, maintenance manuals and accessories. After purchasing the goods, take the initiative to ask the seller for the invoice formally printed by the finance and taxation department.

[To check the origin] When buying a tractor, you need to look at the brand and understand its manufacturer. The brand is not blown out. Moreover, the brand-name products are recognized by the public in long-term use, or recognized by authoritative departments, with reliable product quality, advanced performance, large product coverage and good after-sales service.


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