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Common sense of wheeled tractor operation

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1. It is forbidden to lift the clutch suddenly at the start. The clutch pedal should be loosened slowly, and the accelerator should be increased appropriately. Otherwise, the clutch assembly and transmission parts will be impacted or even damaged. The secondary clutch cannot be pulled up (disconnected) for a long time, otherwise it will cause early damage to the clutch. Attention should be paid.

2. It is strictly forbidden for the tractor to engage in neutral gear or step on the clutch pedal to slide downhill. When turning the tractor, reduce the throttle or shift to a low gear when turning the tractor, and never use unilateral braking to make sharp turns.

3. The gear shifting and working speed selection of the tractor will cause the clutch assembly to operate the steering wheel to achieve steering when the tractor travel speed decreases. Tractor driving at high speed correct selection of tractor working speed, not only can obtain the best productivity and economy, and can extend the service life of the tractor. When the tractor is working, it should not be overloaded frequently, and the engine should have a certain power reserve. The selection of tractor field working speed should make the engine work at about 80% load.

4. The use of tractor differential lock. When the tractor is working, the differential lock is generally kept separated. When the tractor's rear wheel slips severely on one side (or when it falls into a pit), step on the differential lock control pedal and keep it in this position to combine the differential lock to make the tractor drive out of the slippery area. When the differential lock is in the engaged state, the tractor cannot turn, otherwise it will cause abnormal tire wear, damage the central transmission, or even rollover.

5. Tractor braking. Under normal circumstances, you should first reduce the engine accelerator, then step on the main clutch pedal, and then gradually step on the driving brake operating pedal to make the tractor stop smoothly. During emergency braking, the main clutch pedal and the service brake operating pedal should be depressed at the same time. During the journey, the driver is not allowed to put his foot on the brake pedal or clutch pedal. Special reminder: When the tractor is driving on the road, the left and right brake pedals must be interlocked. When the tractor is parked on a slope, wait until the engine is turned off, and then engage the gear before releasing the brake pedal. When the tractor is uphill, it is in forward gear, and when it is downhill, it is in forward gear.

6. Front-wheel drive operation. When the tractor is engaged in heavy-duty operations in the field or working on damp and soft soil, the front drive axle is usually attached to work. When the tractor is used for general transportation operations on hard roads, it is not allowed to engage the front drive axle. Will cause early wear of the front wheels.

7. The hydraulic output valve and its manipulation realize four-wheel drive operation. The tractor is equipped with a single-acting or double-acting hydraulic output valve, and the hydraulic output valve control handle controls the single-acting or double-acting oil cylinder on the farm tool. The hydraulic output valve of the drawing machine is adjusted to double-acting before leaving the factory. If a single-acting farm tool is needed, the user can adjust it to a single-acting hydraulic output.


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