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Used Popular John Deere 5E-954 Utility Tractor

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  • 5E-954

  • John Deere

Detailed introduction of parameters

engine modelJohn Deere 4045
Engine power (kw)69.9
Engine rated speed2300
Fuel SystemCommon rail
GearboxDry clutch, 12F+4R gear shift
PTO shaft speed (rev/min)Standard 840, optional 650/830
Power output power (kw)59.5
Number of hydraulic output valve groups2 teams
Maximum lifting force (kN)≥16.8
Tillage depth adjustment methodSemi-split type: force adjustment, position adjustment, comprehensive force and position adjustment, split type: position control, floating control
Wheelbase (mm)2230 (four-wheel drive)
Minimum turning radius (m)4.3
Suspension rod typeType II
Fuel tank capacity (liter)140
Front wheel track (mm)Four-wheel drive: 1556-1845
Rear wheel track (mm)Four-wheel drive: 1512-1851
Maximum front counterweight (kg)320
Maximum rear counterweight (kg)440
Minimum use mass (kg)Four-wheel drive: without cab: 3198 (with anti-roll frame), four-wheel drive: with cab: 3488 two-wheel drive: without cab: 2785 (with anti-roll frame), two-wheel drive: with cab: 3050
Dimensions (length × width 6 × height, mm)Four-wheel drive without cab: 4372 × 1830 × 2560 (top of exhaust pipe) / 2607 (top of anti-roll frame) Four-wheel drive with cab: 4372 × 1890 × 2610 (top of exhaust pipe) / 2730 (driving Roof) Two-wheel drive with cab: 4260 × 1890 × 2600 (exhaust pipe top)/2713 (anti-rolling frame top)
air conditioningOptional cold air for cab models



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