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Used Japan Brand ISEKI T954 95HP 4WD Wheel Tractor without Cabin

ISEKI  T954   95HP  4X4WD
4 cylinder
produced year: 2017
used time: 461hours
  • T954 95HP
  • Iseki
  • 8701941090

● Matching Yanmar engine, good reliability, large torque reserve, low fuel consumption and high economic benefit;

● Independent operation of the double-acting clutch, high transmission capacity, reliable effect, and more comfortable operation;

● Gearbox gears 2×(8+4), that is, 16 forward gears, 8 reverse gears, gear shifting using meshing sleeves, gear matching is reasonable, and operation efficiency is high;

● Adopt independent power output device, stable transmission and large bearing capacity;

● Fully hydraulic steering control system with independent oil circuit, flexible, reliable and labor-saving operation;

● Adopt hydrostatic disc brake, with large braking torque and good braking effect;

● Adopt strong pressure lifter, independent oil supply, and reliable performance of the lifting system. Multiple sets of hydraulic output are optional:

● The final drive adopts a planetary reduction mechanism, which has a compact structure and a large reduction ratio;

● Brand new streamlined appearance, generous, modern and fashionable.