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Used Inexpensive New Holland SNH904 4WD Tractor

  • SNH904
  • New Holland

New Holland SNH904 tractor has powerful leading functions, with high technical content, humanized operation, is the introduction of the latest European technology products.

The traction force of the product is larger than the two-wheel drive, and can be used for both water and drought, sloping land operation, and can also be equipped with a variety of duplicated machines and tools.

The design concept of this product is people-oriented, and good quality, is the pioneer of the tractor to adapt to the new era of agriculture.

1. Adopt famous Deutz diesel engine, low fuel consumption, water-cooled wet cylinder liner, so that the machine temperature, oil temperature, water temperature are controlled, more suitable for large block operation. 

2. The gearbox adopts helical teeth, good meshing, low noise, less power consumption and long service life. 

3, 12+12 synchronizer shift gear, hydraulic brake, automobile design concept transplanted to the tractor, so that the user can be more comfortable operation. 

4, muffling, exhaust separation, two level balance. Cab air filter, paint does not contain benzene, fully reflects the concept of environmental protection.

5. The clutch is separated by main and auxiliary operation, which reduces the ground stop time in field operation.

High power, low fuel consumption, torque reserve up to 30%, the best fuel consumption 218/230(g/ kW •h);

Water-cooled wet cylinder liner, suitable for large block operation The 12+4/12+12 synchronizer shifts gears, and there are 7 gears below 10km speed to ensure fast and good operation;

Force level adjustment working device, two-speed PTO(540/750), can be equipped with 1/2/3 group hydraulic output;

The transmission is driven by helical gear, which has small impact and long service life;

The final deceleration is a planetary gear mechanism with large transmission ratio and low energy consumption.