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Used Inexpensive New Holland SNH1004 4WD Tractor 100hp

  • SNH1004

  • New Holland

USED 2014 NEW HOLLAND 1004 4WD tractor

New Holland SNH1004 tractor has powerful and leading functions, with high technical content and humanized operation. The product has a large tractive force, can be used in both water and dry, slope work, but also can be matched with a variety of compound equipment. The design concept of this product is people-oriented, and excellent quality, is a tractor to adapt to the new era of agricultural pioneers.

  1, using the well-known DEUTZ diesel engine, low fuel consumption, water-cooled wet cylinder liner, so that the machine temperature, oil temperature, water temperature are controlled, more adaptable to large plots of land operations.

  2、The gearbox adopts oblique teeth, good meshing, low noise, low power consumption by itself, and long service life.

  3, 12 + 12 synchronizer shift, hydraulic brake, so that users can be more comfortable operation.

  4、Separate muffler and exhaust, secondary balance. Cab air filtration, paint does not contain benzene, fully embodies the concept of environmental protection.

  5, the clutch is separated by the main and secondary operation, reducing the time of ground stop in the field operation.

  DEUTZ engine, high power, low fuel consumption, torque reserve up to 30%, best fuel consumption 218/230(g/kw-h); water-cooled wet cylinder liner, adapt to large plot operation

  12 + 4 / 12 + 12 synchronizer shift, 7 gears below 10 km speed, to ensure that the work is fast and good

  Force level adjustment work device, two-speed PTO (540/750), can be equipped with 1/2/3 groups of hydraulic output

  Gearbox with helical gear transmission, transmission impact is small, long service life

  Planetary gear mechanism, large transmission ratio, low energy consumption

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