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Used Four-wheel Drive ISEKI T954 95HP Paddy Field Model Tractor

95hp  4x4wd
produced year: 2018
used time: 955hours
  • T954 95HP
  • 8701941090

1, ISEKI T954  95 horsepower tractor, four-wheel drive paddy field model adopts high-end sealing front bridge, good muddy water sealing performance of paddy field operation, greatly reduces the failure rate of paddy field operation, prolong the effective operation time, and reduce the maintenance cost. 

2, Turn radius of 4.3 meters to improve the operation efficiency of small plots. Excellent quality gearbox and rear axle, high reliability. John Deere 4.5-liter electric control high-voltage common rail engine, with accurate oil injection control and high combustion efficiency. 

3, PowerCore TM dry air filter, the prefilter filters out 93% of the dust and impurities before the air enters the primary filter element, ensuring that the tertiary filter effect is 99.9%, and the primary filter element replacement period is one year, which will effectively protect the internal components of the engine and reduce the maintenance cost and maintenance time of the air filter. Advanced electronic rapid rise and lifting, lifting and down farm tools can be simple and efficient by the lifting button. 

4, Relatively frequent handle operation, the button is more convenient. Ground turning does not stop the power output shaft can reduce operation and improve efficiency, while the preset improvement height can ensure the safety of the machine

Engine: Perkins V3800DI - T

Engine Power: 70.8KW

Engine Rated Speed:2300

Fuel system:Common rail high pressure

Gearbox:Dry clutch   12F + 4R

PTO(Power Take Off): standard: 840/min,suitable: 650/840/min

Power output:56.6

Hydraulic output valve:2units

Hitch type: Category II

Fuel tank capacity(L): 120L