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Used Compact Tractor Deutz-fahr 80HP 4WD With Cabin

  • CD804
  • deutz-fahr

Deutz-Fahr 80hp wheeled tractor

1. Advanced Deutz high-pressure common rail engine, low fuel consumption, high torque, high power reserve; 

2. Adopt full power shift gearbox, strong power and lean gear position; 

3. The integrated suspension design maximizes driving comfort and safety; 

4. The ergonomic cab is used to optimize the driver's field of vision; 

5. Optional GPS automatic navigation, the operation can realize the memory function; 

6. The lifting force is large, and the suspension and the towing adopt fast hooking, which is suitable for various compound machine operating conditions; 

7. Optional front suspension and front power output.

2019 Deutz 80HP 4WD, all-diesel high pressure common rail engine, 12F+12 R, power output 540-760, front wheel 9.5-24, rear wheel 14.9-30,  air conditioning, two sets of multi-way valves