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Second Hand High Quality Lovol M1504 150HP 4WD Tractor

Lovol  150HP  4X4WD
4 cylinder
produced year: 2017
used time: 461hours
  • M1504 150HP
  • lovol
  • 8701941090

1, Configure turbocharging, intercooling, high pressure common rail,unique diesel radiator and other configurations to ensure low fuel consumption and high efficiency of the engine. 

Power reversing (Elite/Prime) gearbox and 55-degree steering front axle can effectively reduce the turning time. 12+12 high and low speed synchronizer shift gearbox, and reasonable gear distribution, improve work efficiency.

The maximum driving speed of 40 kilometers per hour improves the long-distance transfer and transportation efficiency by more than 20%

2, Convenient electro-hydraulic operation can effectively reduce the operation time.

Good adaptability, suitable for different working conditions

Multiple PTO speeds, 540/1000 rpm, 540/750 rpm

Variety of tire options, flat tires/paddy tires/medium tires/radial tires, suitable for different jobs

Electro-hydraulic control or limited slip differential lock front axle, suitable for harsh working conditions

3, Comfortable driving environment

 Luxury cab (exclusive version), low noise, large field of view

Standard configuration of heating and cooling air-conditioning (Elite Edition/Exclusive Edition), which can provide a comfortable driving environment and reduce work fatigue

**Best night work light

4, Good control experience

 Power reversing gearbox (elite version/exclusive version), light and fast

The main gear lever is manually clutched (elite version/exclusive version), fast clutch operation, especially in transportation and transition operations, you can shift gears without using foot clutch

Electronically controlled four-wheel drive, electronically controlled differential lock, electronically controlled PTO and three-point suspension, convenient and fast

Intelligent four-wheel drive and differential lock mode to reduce user operations

5, Safe and reliable

 Hydraulic control four-wheel drive brake, which can effectively shorten the braking distance

Seat driver on-position detection and off-position safety protection, to minimize personal injury caused by misoperation

Maintenance-free and adjustment-free wet clutch (Elite Edition/Prize Edition), reliable

Multifunctional instrument panel and multiple alarm functions can extend the life of the tractor, while reducing repair and maintenance costs and tractor damage caused by misoperation

Appearance size (length × width × height)mm4650 x 2160 x 2750
Minimum use qualitykgs4300
Drive type/Four-wheel drive
Wheel base (front wheel/rear wheel)mm1329 - 2029 / 1340 - 2044
Minimum ground clearancemm465
Counterweight (front/rear)kgs770 / 300
enginebrand/AGCO Power
type/In-line, four-stroke, direct injection
Inhalation method/Turbocharged, intercooled
type/National three, high pressure common rail
Number of cylindersCylinder4
Rated powerhorsepower120
Rated speedRpm/min2200
Air filter type/Dry
Fuel tank volumeL190
Turn toSteering system type/Front wheel hydraulic steering
Brake systemBrake system type/Wet disc, hydraulic operation
Drive TrainClutch type/Dry, hydraulic assist
Wet, electric clutch
Gearbox type/12 + 12
Shift mode/Synchronizer shift
Commutation method/Mechanical commutation
Power reversal
Maximum speed Km/h40

cab/Standard cab

Engine memory speed/Engine memory speed
Steering column/Fixed steering column
working equipmentSuspension device category/III type
Adjustment method/Position adjustment, comprehensive adjustment of force position, electronic control
Lifting force (610 mm)kgs3500
Hydraulic output device/Rear mounted, two groups
Hydraulic flowL/min57L/min
PTO control/Rear mounted, two groups
PTO shaft type/Rear, free-standing
PTO shaft speedRpm/min540 / 1000
540 / 750
TiresTyre model/14.9 - 28 flat flower tire  / 18.4 - 38 flat flower tire 
(Front wheel/rear wheel)/12.4 - 28 high flower tire  / 18.4 - 34 high flower tire 

/14.9 - 24 medium flower tire / 18.4 - 34 medium flower tire

/380/85R28 meridian tire / 460/85R38 meridian tire