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Powerful Wheel YB632-30 Backhoe Loader with Front End Loader And Backhoe

  • YB632-30

YB632-30 Backhoe Loader

945-55 (5)

YCCAGR wheel loader backhoe technical parameters 632-30
I.Overall dimensions V、Engine
1 Dimensions(mm) 6500*1850*2700 1 model Yuchai diesel engine
2 wheel base(mm) 2240 2 Type turbocharging
3 wheel track(mm) 1480 3 rated power(KW) 65
4  minimum ground clearance(mm) 250 4 rated speed(r/min) 2400
II、performance parameters 5 cylinders-inner diameter 4-102
1 system pressure(Mpa) 28 Ⅵ、drive system
2 total weight(kg) 5000 1 gearbox Power shift
3 maximum speed(Km/h) 30 2 gear shift  2 forward shift 2 reverse shift 
4 Max. climbing ability(°) 30 3 torque converter  265 Overall high and low speed
5 Min. turning radius(mm) 4000 Ⅶ、 steering system
III、Digging parameters 1 type Articulated fully hydraulic steering
1 max.digging depth(mm) 2000 2 steering angle(°) 33
2 Backhoe bucket height(mm) 3100 Ⅷ、Axle
3 Max. Digging Radius(mm) 3700 1 Type wheel rim
4 excavator bucket width(mm) 50 Ⅸ、Tyre
5 Capacity of bucket(m3) 0.2 1 model 20.5-16
6 Max digging height(mm) 4300 2 braking system wheels,air-compressor force
7 Rotation Angle of excavator(°) 360 3 parking braking automatically air-cut brake
IV、Loading parameters Ⅹ、oil tank
1 maximum dumping height(mm) 3200 1  fuel tank(L) 63
2 Maximum unloading distance(mm) 800 2 hydraulic fluid chamber(L) 63
3  bucket width(mm) 1800 Ⅺ、others
4 Capacity of bucket(m3) 0.8 1 driving type 4x4WD
5 Maximum loading lifting height(mm) 4300 2 Variable speed type Hydraulic variable speed

3  braking distance(mm) 3100
The specific parameters are subject to change in kind

Advantages of having a backhoe loader.

The buyers for almost 80 percent of their tasks like construction, small demolitions, and light transportation of building materials, digging holes excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt, and paving roads prefer buying backhoe.

Another use of backhoe loader is planting the cable wire antiestablishment; locate the buildings and therefore the systems of drainage.

It can also be used in projects like fencing on different kinds of soils.

It is also used for daily basis work like digging gutter.

If an auger are often attached it'll harvest some greenery.

Backhoe loaders when paired with a jackhammer are often wont to break concrete.

When you buy a backhoe loader then there's no got to buy other heavy equipment as backhoe loader has are often utilized in some ways.

They are also used to clear and dig the ditches.

They consist of a metal bucket and digging arm on another site for making the task of the operator very easy.

A backhoe loader is additionally hired by cemetery companies, swimming bath construction companies, and therefore the military also.

Backhoe loader, when attached with different backhoe loader attachments, creates job opportunities for operators and contractors providing a rise in the economy.